CPS/Dependency Involvement

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Situations arise every day where families are in need of Child Protective Services. Frequently, children are removed from dangerous environments and become wards of the State. In legalese, this is referred to as a dependency. Most of the time, CPS does a good job of protecting children from abuse and neglect. However, there are occasions when CPS is mistaken or received erroneous information.

Allegations of child abuse, molestation and neglect are devastating. The attorneys at Taubman & Associates have successfully represented parents who have been accused of abusing children. Frequently, allegations of abuse arise during custody disputes. Studies show that as many as 80% of abuse allegations that arise during a divorce or custody dispute are false. Sadly, a parent may fabricate allegations to gain leverage in their case. CPS, as well as your local police agency, is obligated to investigate such allegations.

DO NOT WAIT TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with CPS and police agencies who investigate child abuse allegations may be able to help you and avoid the perils of erroneous criminal charges being filed. Having extensive experience in both juvenile and criminal law is the necessary combination to advocate on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.