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Serving the Phoenix area for more than 25 years, Taubman & Associates is a dedicated family law firm focused on providing effective representation in child custody, divorce, juvenile, adoption and other family cases. Our focus is always on working toward your desired outcome.
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Divorce, Child Custody and More

Whether you’re going through a divorce, have concerns related to child custody or have a child in legal trouble, one thing is certain: you need a lawyer who will represent your interests and work on your behalf to ensure your desired outcome. Regardless of your reasons for needing an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney in Phoenix, you won’t find a more hard-working and diligent firm than Taubman & Associates. Since 1989, our firm has served countless clients in need of the very best legal services available for a full range of family law cases, and our reputation for personalized services has made us the first choice for many families in the Phoenix area.

Taubman & Associates specializes in family law, which means that our clients can count on receiving a high level of attention and care in any family legal matter. We specialize in divorce, child custody, foster care, severance, grandparent’s rights and juvenile cases, and with more than four decades of experience behind us, our understanding of the complexities of family law will be an asset in handling your case. We understand that dealing with legal issues is difficult and stressful. That’s why, when you call Taubman & Associates for a skilled family attorney in Phoenix, we’ll always be committed to demonstrating the characteristics that our clients have come to expect from our team. Here’s why you should consider trusting our firm:

  • We are a family law firm specializing in divorce, child custody, foster care and more.
  • Our founder, Lon S. Taubman, has more than 40 years of legal experience.
  • Our team of attorneys is known for always putting clients’ needs first.
  • We understand the complexities of the law surrounding our practice areas.
  • We bring our best to every case and every trial.
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