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Lon S. Taubman

Lon was born in Brooklyn, NY. and in 1958 (the same year the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles), he and his family moved to Los Angeles, CA.  Mr. Taubman is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and earned his Juris Doctor Degree from University of Arizona College of Law.   Mr. Taubman has been active in the legal community since 1970, where he began his career as a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, eventually rising to the position of Bureau Chief.  Upon leaving the County Attorney in 1989, Mr. Taubman served as a part-time Court Commissioner and opened the Law Office of Taubman & Associates

It should be noted that Lon’s life experiences have taught him as much if not more than law school about the value of children and family.   Mr. Taubman was a single parent and raised two boys.  Additionally, after his current marriage he also assisted his wife, Terry, in raising his four stepchildren.   Lon and Terry, now, have six grandchildren.  Accordingly, Mr. Taubman has walked more than several miles in the shoes of many of his clients and is not only able to understand their predicaments as a parent or grandparent, he empathizes with them.  In light of this, although Lon cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, he promises that he will do absolutely the very best he can to achieve the best outcome possible for his clients.

During his twenty four years in private practice, Lon has represented parties in probate court,  juvenile court ( in delinquency, dependency, guardianship, severance and adoption actions), in criminal cases and  in divorce, custody, grandparent’s rights and in loco parentis matters. Mr. Taubman has also served as a featured lecturer in the areas of complex child custody litigation, grandparent rights, dependency, severance and adoption.  Mr. Taubman is also recognized by the courts for his knowledge and expertise in Title 8, Title 13, Title 14, and Title 25 matters, has served as a mentor for training attorneys in the realm of Guardian Ad Litem representation, and has been active in Maricopa County’s Family Law Assistance Program.  He has also served on the boards of several social services agencies, such as Parents Anonymous and Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

In the area of severance and adoptions, Lon has handled over 6,000 cases and his practice covers the entire gamut of legal issues, including interstate and foreign adoptions, as well as contested matters.

Since 1989, Mr. Taubman has, in hundreds of juvenile, family law and probate cases, been appointed as Guardian ad Litem, Best Interest Attorney and Court Appointed Advisor for children and incapacitated adults. His most important function, in this capacity, is to ensure that the best interests of his clients  are protected.


Instructor: Guardian Ad Litem training for Volunteer Lawyer Program
Lecturer: Criminal Law, Juvenile Law and Adoptions Law to civic groups, non-profit child and family service Agencies, primary and secondary school classes, college and university level classes, and CLE courses, including Adoption Issues in Arizona (1990), Adoption Law: What’s Legal and What’s Not? (1993), Adoption Law in Arizona (1996), An Armchair View of Ethics (2000), Juveniles and Counsel (2000), In Loco Parentis/Grandparent Visitation/Third Party Caretakers (2005).

Past/Present Memberships

Member of the National Association of Council for Children and of the Boards of Directors of several social service agencies, including Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Parents Anonymous, and the Supreme Court Committee which promulgated regulations for Confidential Intermediary Program.

Volunteer Legal Services for the indigent: Family Law Assistance Project and J-Support.


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  • Juvenile Court Attorney of the Year (Helping Hands – 1985)
  • Juvenile Probation Department Special Attorney Award (1989)
  • Excellence in Parenting Award (Arizona Parenting Magazine – 1992)

Lon S. Taubman

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